Frac Fluid Heating

Frac Fluid Heating Services in the Medicine Hat Area

PetroForce Industries, serving customers throughout Western Canada and beyond, is committed to offering our customers the best options available for frac fluid heating. We have 2 sizes of heating units. When you’re ready to get started with our fluid heating services, give us a call.

38 Million BTU Super Heater

Features of this unit include but are not limited to:

  • One off unit designed, engineered and built in Alberta
  • Designed for large volume, high speed fluid heating
  • Finned coil based heat exchanger with ceramic insulated walls allows for an up to 2500 litres per minute flow rate and maximum heat absorption
  • Computer controlled gas ignition system makes this one of the safest heating units in the industry
  • Flow rate, fluid temperature and gas pressure are monitored via computer, unit will shut down and isolate gas lines if outside set parameters
  • Multiport manifold system allows for inline fracture fluid heating, on the fly tank switching, and multiple suction and discharge points for heating large vessels
  • Zero spill air feed system for purging fluid out of lines and back into vessels to ensure no fluid is lost or spilled
  • Low pressure vapor burner system allows for heating without loss of efficiency in cold temperatures
  • Unit will raise temperature of a 400bbl tank approximately 1.75 degrees Celsius per minute under normal conditions
  • Capable of heating all types of vessels, including C-ring tank corrals (any volume), all sizes of vertical and laydown tanks, lined ponds, fluid bladders and tank trucks

Frac Fluid Heating Truck with Tanks Frac Fluid Heating