Steam Trucks

Steam Trucks in Alberta

At PetroForce Industries, we can provide our clients throughout Western Canada with mobile boiler steam units. These units will come to your site and provide dry steam for your projects. We specialize in all oilfield types of jobs such as service rigs and large fracs. Our employees are trained and experienced on fracs, and trucks are also set up for such work. Each unit comes with 2 Ruffneck™ steam coil heaters and a sufficient amount of hose to cover any large oil lease. All equipment is regularly updated and maintained to limit downtime. We invite you to contact us when you’re ready to start service.

Steam Guy Ruffneck Steam Pipes Steam Trucks Steam Truck with Office

Frac Fluid Heating

Frac Fluid Heating Services in the Medicine Hat Area

PetroForce Industries, serving customers throughout Western Canada and beyond, is committed to offering our customers the best options available for frac fluid heating. We have 2 sizes of heating units. When you’re ready to get started with our fluid heating services, give us a call.

38 Million BTU Super Heater

Features of this unit include but are not limited to:

  • One off unit designed, engineered and built in Alberta
  • Designed for large volume, high speed fluid heating
  • Finned coil based heat exchanger with ceramic insulated walls allows for an up to 2500 litres per minute flow rate and maximum heat absorption
  • Computer controlled gas ignition system makes this one of the safest heating units in the industry
  • Flow rate, fluid temperature and gas pressure are monitored via computer, unit will shut down and isolate gas lines if outside set parameters
  • Multiport manifold system allows for inline fracture fluid heating, on the fly tank switching, and multiple suction and discharge points for heating large vessels
  • Zero spill air feed system for purging fluid out of lines and back into vessels to ensure no fluid is lost or spilled
  • Low pressure vapor burner system allows for heating without loss of efficiency in cold temperatures
  • Unit will raise temperature of a 400bbl tank approximately 1.75 degrees Celsius per minute under normal conditions
  • Capable of heating all types of vessels, including C-ring tank corrals (any volume), all sizes of vertical and laydown tanks, lined ponds, fluid bladders and tank trucks

Frac Fluid Heating Truck with Tanks Frac Fluid Heating

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Chemical Cleaning & High Pressure Water Blasting

At PetroForce Industries, we have the experience it takes to look after your industrial plant’s maintenance. We utilize industrial chemical cleaning, high pressure water blasting and vapor phase technology to get the job done quickly and effectively. Serving clients throughout Alberta and all of Western Canada, we invite you to view some examples of our company in action on this page. When you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

Industrial Cleaning on Site

Water Blasting, Chemical Cleaning and Vapor Phasing

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Non-entry vessel cleaning
  • Boiler or vessel acidizing
  • Pressure washing
  • Heat exchangers (tube and shell)
  • Towers and vessels
  • 3D pressure
  • Specialty tools
  • Coolers
  • Tank cleaning
  • Wash pad/containment system rentals
  • Piped flow systems
  • Pressure tests
  • Projects and turnarounds
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Fill and circulate chemical cleaning
  • Pre-operational chemical cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Lube oil system flush
  • Mobile automated bundle blasting
  • Automated triple lance
Industrial Cleaning at Plant

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Keeping plant equipment clear of debris and deposits is essential to maintaining efficiency and reducing running costs. The cleaning of heat exchangers is just one aspect of routine maintenance which needs to be performed regularly. The challenges of keeping heat exchangers clean depend on the application. Some processes leave sticky layers of polymer, others create solid deposits requiring specialized cleaning to remove properly. In many cases shell side cleaning of heat exchangers can be done with nothing more than high pressure water blasting. Other cases may require chemical cleaning in addition to the water blasting. PetroForce Industries can provide both of these services depending on your needs. We are a leading specialty cleaning source, specializing in high pressure water blasting applications. Exchanger cleaning is an important extension of our service to our industrial customers. Heat exchange produces fouling which must be cleaned away at intervals. Since all shell or tube and shell heat exchanger cleaning should be done off-line, our proven methods of cleaning is the first choice of industry. It is the most effective and speed efficient when compared to any other option. We have the capability to service power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, sewage treatment operations, and many more types of industrial plants to remove any of the deposits that impact the production rate.

  • Pre-commissioning flushing
  • Particulate (sediment) fouling
  • Corrosion
  • Biological fouling
  • Crystallization
  • Chemical reaction fouling
  • Freezing fouling
  • Mill Scaling

Techniques for Heat Exchanger Unit Cleaning

Our advanced techniques for heat exchanger, boiler and waste heat cleaning will restore proper performance. Engineers will tell you that removal of fouling has a positive impact on your production rate and your final product. Fouled tubes invariably have a direct effect on the cost of production. In addition, if not dealt with, fouling will increase over time. Any down time for regular maintenance cleaning pales in comparison to the cumulative effects of fouled exchangers.

Pertoforce Industries can provide water based hydroblasting with the latest automated equipment or any type of chemical passivations to fulfill your cleaning needs. We can also provide a service known in the industry as vapor phase in where only certain chemicals designed for such can be added to steam and injected into vessels. We believe that industry has a right to insist on nothing but the most effective cleaning services delivered by highly trained professionals utilizing any leading edge technology available. We invite you to discuss with us the demonstrated value of our cleaning services. Whether you are in emergency need of internal cleaning or you are in the planning stages of an upcoming turnaround, we want to talk with you. You can discover the reason we have been trusted partners with major petroleum and chemical industry companies, and more.

Cleaning Bundle on Washpad

Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Truck Services

Petroforce Industries is proud to offer our clients vac truck services for numerous types of jobs. Our chemical cleaning services will always be assisted by one of our Vac units and be equipped with stainless steel fittings and ample loading lights for maximum light coverage in the dark. All of our equipment has the proper certifications and are equipped with positive air shutoffs as well. Our vac trucks can be used for all types of commercial and industrial uses. Client care and quality is our primary concern and we offer 247 emergency services so our client can expect complete service at anytime. Our clients range from engineering professionals to oilfield consultants to homeowners and we never sacrifice quality and consistent service for a competitive price. Petroforce Industries is a full service company that is covered by WCB and commercial liability insurance. We are also certified with numerous safety programs such as Avetta (formerly PICS) , ISN , and COR. Our drivers are trained to operate our vac units safely and properly, and must hold a current H2S, WHMIS,TDG,First Aid and other tickets as required.

Our expertise included, but is not limited to:

  • industrial chemical cleaning projects
  • tank, vessel, and sump clean outs
  • fluid transfers
  • contained fluid neutralization and transport to disposal
  • Plant Turn around
  • Production plant work
  • completion and service work
  • Liquid and sludge removal
  • Fluid transfers
  • Dangerous Goods hauling
  • High and Low pressure wash assist and containment
  • Building/warehouse wash downs
  • Frac cleanouts
  • Spill cleanups and emergency response
  • H2S gas detection
  • confined space entry

Front of Vacuum Truck Back of Vacuum Truck